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Just like the darkness of our surrounding can be illuminated with a single candlelight, the darkness of our ignorance can be dispelled with the light of wisdom.

Offer lights and make a wish that the light of wisdom can be kindled within for the benefit and happiness of ourselves and all sentient beings, illuminating the mind and heart with generosity, loving kindness, wisdom and compassion. May the light shine and remind us of the Buddha’s last message:  “Impermanent are all component things, work out our deliverance with heedfulness, mindfulness”.

Make an aspiration that the light of wisdom too will arise in us!

Make this offering of light to plant the seed of Enlightenment, gain merits as well as strengthen your faith and confidence in the Triple Gem.

The opportunity to offer lights comes with 24hr Metta, the non-stop relay chanting from 30 to 31 Decemeber 2017 for world peace, stability and harmony

Aloka Foundation & BMSM invites many to join in this rare opportunity to offer lights in this 24Hr Metta to illuminate the world with loving-kindness


Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

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