Offering of Lights for 24Hr Metta and New Year 2017

Light Offering in conjunction with 24Hr Metta is even more significant this year – it offers the opportunity to offer lights and make aspiration for a brighter and better 2017 since the event is on New Year’s eve right through to New Year’s day.

Let us together in this act of offering of light to the Triple Gem


Kindle the Light of Wisdom and Dispel the Darkness of Ignorance.

Illuminate the world with loving kindness

Ghana sarappa dittena

Dipena tama-dhansina

Tiloka dipam sambuddham

Pujayami tomo-nudam

With lights brightly shining

abolishing this gloom,

I adore the Enlightened One

who dispels the darkness

(of ignorance)


Even if you cannot personally make it to the event, you can always contact us at to make the light offering and dedicate the merits for yourself, your loved ones, and all beings.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Contact us now!

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